Roaddog Labs Bart Pro XL Frame Kit

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The Roaddog Labs Bart Pro XL frame kit is a larger sized print bed area than a traditional i3 Rework or Roaddog Labs Bart printer. The print bed is 360 mm (Y axis) x 240 mm (X axis) or more than twice the print bed surface area as a traditional i3. The inspiration for this kit is from the Mendel Max series of printers with similar build envelopes. It's meant to be an intermediate builder level kit. It's not recommended for first time builders.


The Bart Pro XL is available as a frame only. The geometry has been tested in our bot farm and works well.

How to Buy

This kit is available at our ebay store at . You can also contact me via the form at for a direct invoice.

In the Box

  • 2 x frame sides
  • 1 x frame base
  • 2 x frame ends
  • 1 x Z frame with motor and rod mounts
  • 1 x print bed frame ready for you to add a heated bed
  • 4 x rubber feet
  • Y belt idler with 624zz Y idler beating
  • 1 m GT2 belt for Y axis
  • Y motor mount
  • 2 x M10 511 mm chromed, hardened precision rods
  • 4 x LM10UU linear bearings for Y axis
  • 4 x rod mounting clips (to secure the new Y rods to the frame)
  • fasteners for frame assembly

What You Need to Bring

Most importantly, a maker's spirit. This frame only kit will require you to source all the parts not included in the kit. At this point the heated bed and printing surface is left to the builder's discretion. The prototypes currently in our lab are using aluminum build plates, polyamide bed heaters and borosilicate glass as the printing surface. For this build I recommend a 24 volt system and advanced electronics such as the Rambo, Azteeg X5, Smoothie Board or Replicape.

Parts You'll Need That Aren't in the Kit

Basically everything but the frame but here's an incomplete list to get you started. Remember, if it's not listed in the kit you have to provide it.

  • motors
  • hot end
  • any fans you may need
  • power supply (I highly recommend a 24 volt system)
  • electronics package
  • extruder
  • printed parts set
  • X axis motion
  • Y axis motion
  • controller interface, either a display/SD card reader or printer host controller such as Octoprint

Build Docs and Sources

Roaddog Labs Bart Pro XL sources and build docs are released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 . Contributions and corrections to the docs and source are encouraged.

Link to Build Docs

The beta version of the build docs are available at . This version uses the Bart build docs as a starting point. The framework for the docs was copied over from the Bart docs so it will not include all of the relevant information with regards to the Bart Pro XL at this time. It's a work in progress though a savvy maker should be able to figure most of it out right now as the main difference with the Bart is that it's smaller. The mechanics and approaches are identical and the geometry is similar. The greatest difference is in the electronics and firmware/software. The docs will be updated as the project progresses with a complete set specific to the Bart Pro XL by the time I release a full kit.

Link to Bart Pro XL Source

The current version of the sources, both hardware and firmware/software are at . To contribute fork the project and submit pull requests for the main branch. Other branches likely will not be code complete and instead focus on specific features or fixes. Be advised the Marlin firmware config is still in flux.