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Roaddog Labs A8 Generic Introduction

The A8 Generic kit is meant to replace the acrylic frame for your import A8/A8 clone, Tronxy and Hesine M505 3D printers. It's sold as a generic kit. Since many of the variants have slightly differing designs, some modification may be required. This typically consists of drill some holes depending on the variant you have.

Open means open

The hardware design and is an open platform with editable parts source files. No restrictions, no posturing, open hardware. Source files are available at


These parts are cut from the files reverse engineered for a Tronxy P802M frame as well as an Anet A8 frame. This also fits early Anet A8 and many A8 clones as well as a Hesine M505. This kit uses either a 17 mm Z rod spacing or a 22 mm Z rod spacing. Parts for both are included in the kit.

This material is stronger, more durable and resists heat better than an acrylic or plastic frame. This frame is made from melamine, an engineered wooden core with a laminated skin on both sides. It's resistant to warping due to heat, delamination and cracking.

Easy to assemble

Swap your parts over and be back printing in under a couple of hours with a better machine. These parts replace our current frame parts using the hardware you have. The conversion is done with basic hand tools.

This kit is universal and may be a bit different than what you have now but the geometry is the same. The other differences can include mounting of the Z end stop bracket (not an issue with auto leveling machines) and display mounting.

There may be more mounting holes or you may have to drill a few small holes in order to swap your frame.

There are parts included for the two most common Z axis rod spacings. The newer A8 designs (and some others) use a 22 mm Z rod spacing. Tronxy P802M or MA variants typically use a 17 mm Z rod spacing. The spacing is printed on the Z upper rod guides and the Z motor mount plates.

Due to the variances in the different types of displays included with the import machines, there are two top mount brackets with slightly different display parts. Use the one that best matches your display. The stock Tronxy display has an engraved label on the frame part in this kit (also has 30 mounting holes. The stock A8 display is the other part, there are no display mounting holes on the part. As such you must drill your own display mounting holes. If you have a variant where neither one of these work, let me know and I'll see about getting you something that will work with your variant.

In The Box

The kit contains the following parts.

  • 2 x frame sides
  • 1 x frame bottom
  • 1 x frame top (Tronxy style display)
  • 1 x frame top (A8 style display)
  • 1 x frame rear
  • 1 x frame front
  • 2 x Z rod guides (17 mm spacing)
  • 2 x Z rod guides (22 mm spacing)
  • 2 x Z motor mounts (17 mm spacing)
  • 2 x Z motor mounts (22 mm spacing)
  • 4 X Z motor mount supports
  • 1 x print bed with belt mount clips
  • 1 x Z end stop mount(P802M style)
  • 1 x Y motor mount
  • 1 x Y motor support
  • 1 x Y end stop mount
  • 2 x Y belt idler mounts
  • 6 x rod retainers