Baja i3 Rework Electronics and Wiring

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Mounting electronics

Required Parts

  • Fully assembled RAMPS controller
  • 3x electronics spacers
  • 3x M3x24 mm screw
  • 3x M3 nut
  • 3x M3 washer

The printer controller for your Baja i3 Rework comes fully assembled and configured with a standard configuration for your machine. Mount the controller on the left side rear upright facing the outside of the machine.

We'll use three of the electronics spacers (also called "Arduino washers") between the control board and the side of the frame. We attach the board with the M3 x 24 mm screws and nuts.

(mounting pic)


This diagram is a general reference to give you an overall idea of how the RAMPS integrates into your system. The wiring details for your kit are slightly different than this diagram so use the detailed instructions for each step.

RAMPS wiring diagram.

Endstop wiring

This kit uses a four pin circuit board mounted end stop. Only three of those connectors are required. The middle two positions are the - (only one is needed) with the outside positions being the + (also called Vcc) and the signal, respectively.

End stop wiring End stop wiring at the end stop.

The RAMPS board uses a 3 pin connector for end stops. The end stop cables are included in your kit with the proper connectors and wiring for each end. The 12" (shortest) cable is for the Z end stop. The 24" cable is for the Y end stop and the 36" cable (longest) is for the X end stop. The Z and Y end stop positions are set to the minimum travel, or the MIN position. The X end stop is set to the maximum travel or the MAX position. More on this in the configuration and testing step. Plug the Z and Y end stops into the MIN position and plug the X into the MAX position.

To connect the end stop make sure to follow the color code. As long as you follow the color code the end stops should work right out of the gate. The end stop wiring colors are red for +, black for - and yellow for signal. The red is also called Vcc.

End stop wiring on RAMPS. Note the X end stop is set to the MAX position.

Motors wiring

The connectors on the motors in your kit are wired and ready to plug into the RAMPS. The headers used by the motors are adjacent to the stepper drivers on the RAMPS. The positions are labeled on the RAMPS board.

IMPORTANT! Do not plug or unplug the motors while the RAMPS is powered on. This includes being powered by the USB only. Doing so may damage your stepper driver boards. Aways completely power down before pluging or unpluging the motors.

Color code for the Kysan motors provided with the Roaddog Baja kit..

Plug the motors in using the color scheme shown in the pic. That will ensure your motors will run the proper direction as defined in the machines firmware.

Note the two headers on the Z axis stepper motor driver.

Hot End resistor and PCB heatbed wiring

The hot end heating element connects to D10 screw terminal. It is polarity agnostic so either wire can go into either terminal.

The heated bed connects to D8. It's also polarity isn't a concern as the heated bed is electrically a big, flat resistor. Still though observe the color code by connecting red to the + and black to the -. Either end can connect to the solder pads on the heated bed. If you are using these instructions for a kit not provided by Roaddog Labs Ltd your heated bed may be polarized. Check with the provider of your heated bed to make sure but usually if it doesn't have specific markings for the + and - the polarity shouldn't be a concern.

Thermistors wiring

The hot end thermistor plugs into T0 on the RAMPS. It's polarity agnostic so you can plug it in either way.

The heated bed thermistor plugs into T1 on the RAMPS. It's polarity agnostic so you can plug it in either way.

(pic of thermistor wiring)

Fans wiring

Plug the extruder fan in D9. The red wire is + and the black wire is -. This will allow your software to control the use of the fan.

(update pic to show plugged into D9 and not using the 12v aux)

Power supply wiring

Your power supply is also called a PSU. Check the power supply is set for 110 volt operation. There is a small slide switch on the side of the PSU, make sure it is in the 110 volt position.

The mains cable is the cable that connects your PSU the power outlet in your wall. It is not included. You have to strip an end of a power cable and to connect to the power supply (L, N, G terminals). If you aren't sure ask someone with experience working with electrical connections to give you a hand.

(pic showing connections)

The power supply is connected to the RAMPS with two sets of wires. One connects to the first of the big green terminals, the other to the second. One of those terminals powers the RAMPS board, motors and hot end. The other terminal powers the heated bed. You can either strip both ends or you can use the included spade lugs for the connection on the PSU end. The RAMPS end requires a bare wire connection.

(revise pic of RAMPS to PSU connection)

Power supply wiring.