Baja i3 Rework Connecting X axis and Z axis

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Assembling the Frame

Needed parts :

  • Main frame assembly with rods
  • rear frame uprights (the right side has the electronics mounting holes)
  • 6 x 6-32 x 1" pan head screws
  • 6 x 6-32 square nuts

Step 1

Connect the rear uprights to the main frame by using fitting the upright into the rectangular holes cut into the sides of the frame. It will look like this...

Beginning the frame assembly.

Step 2

Kits shipped after June 10, 2015 have 6-32 pan head frame screws and square nuts instead of M3 screws, nuts and washers. For the square nuts no washers are required. The head of the screw is silver though you can color it with a Sharpie or hit it with a bit of black paint prior to installing. The frame screws and square nuts are not compatible with any other fasteners in the kit.

This is what the square nut frame fasteners look like once installed.

Square nut frame fasteners.

With the uprights in the slots use the hardware to secure the uprights to the main frame. This is done by inserting a screw in the front of the frame and using the square nut to snug the frame to the upright.

If you have an kit with hex head screws and regular nuts and washer this is what it looks like.

Attaching the uprights to the frame.

When you are done the structure should look like this. When you install the motors (next page) you will attach the rod base to the printer frame. Attaching the frame to the rod base gives the frame rigidity so don't be concerned at this point if the frame isn't solid.

Attaching the uprights to the frame.

Connecting X-axis and Z-axis

Needed parts :

  • Assembled main frame
  • X-axis assembly
  • Z Axis Top Left
  • Z Axis Top Right
  • Z Bottom Left
  • Z Bottom Right
  • 2 x M8x320 smooth rod
  • 10 x M3x14 mm screw
  • 10 x M3 nut
  • 10 x M3 washer

Step 1

Attach the Z Axis Top Left and Z Axis Top Right on the main frame with M3x14 screws, washers and M3 nuts. The nut should be on the back of the main frame. Note your main fram does not the Prusa name cut into the material.

Mounting Z Axis Top on single frame.

Step 2

Attach the Z Axis Top Left and Z Axis Top Right on the main frame with M3x14 screws, washers and M3 nuts. The nut should be on the back of the main frame.

Mounting Z Axis Bottom on single frame.

Step 3

Insert the two smooth rods carefully through the hole in the Z axis top. You may need to trim or file a bit of the plastic. Don't trim too much, the rod needs to be held in the hole somewhat firmly. Enough for you to install it but not enough for it to move when the machine goes up in the Z direction.

Inserting two Ø8x320 mm smooth rods on single frame.

Step 4

Insert the X-axis assembly through smooth rods. Slide the two smooth rods and insert them in both Z Axis Bottom. The Z rods should land in the Z axis bottom but not go through the part.

Make sure there is no binding or grinding on the Z axis movement. You may need to loosen the brackets to square the X assembly to the Z rods.