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Welcome to Roaddog Labs Ltd Documentation. These docs contain specs and information about the various Roaddog Labs Ltd kits and parts as well as build instructions and general information. Even though we've stopped selling kits and parts the docs are available so you can hack your own designs or build one of these.

Getting Started

To give you an idea on what building a DIY 3D printer is all about check out the general tips in our Getting Started Beginner Guide . It will walk you through some best practices of tools and work environment, how to manage expectations and tips for choosing a first build.

The names of the various DIY/Reprap style 3D printers can be very confusing particularly on a first build. What do those names mean? How are those printers different? We offer a new/first build comparison chart with our recommendations for new builders and and explain why we have chosen the suggestions we have.

Build Docs for Roaddog Labs Bart

The Roaddog Labs Bart is the current version of our i3 Rework variant. The rod based frame is replaced with an entire melamine frame. Other enhancements include a direct drive extruder and best in class E3D v6 Lie hot end. This is the recommended kit for new builders.

Build docs for the Roaddog Labs Bart are at

Roaddog Labs A8 Generic Frame Kit

The Roaddog Labs A8 Generic A8 frame kit is based on the files from a Tronxy P802M/P802MA. This kit fits most generic models of an A8 style 3D printer frame.

Docs for the Roaddog Labs Generic A8 frame kit are at

Roaddog Labs Bart Mechanical Frame Kit

New for 2016 is the Roaddog Labs Bart Full Mechanical Frame Kit. This kit expands on the Bart frame only upgrade kit. The full mechanical kit provides all the mechanical parts, frame, motion components, hardware and printed parts to either convert an existing i3 or i3 Rework to a better frame or to use as as a starting point for your own custom build. Details of this kit are at

Roaddog Labs Bart Pro 300

New for 2016 is the Roaddog Labs Bart 300. This is a larger build envelope, 300 mm x 300 mm machine based on the Bart. It incorporates a 24 volt power supply and advanced controller electronics, auto bed leveling, precision aluminum tooling plate as well as a high temperature hot end.

Roaddog Labs Bart Pro XL Frame

This is a larger build envelope machine based on the Bart, 360 mm x 240 mm. The frame kit is now available. See the frame kit docs page for more info.

Preview the build docs for the new Roaddog Labs Bart Pro XL at

Build Docs E3D Full v6 Hot End

If your kit included an E3D Full v6 hot end as an upgrade from the Lite v6, install docs are at

Mini Rambo Controller

If your kit included a Mini Rambo controller, install and wiring docs docs are at

Archim 32 Bit Controller Preview

This is a peek behind the curtain highlighting our testing and deployment of the new 32 bit controller from Ulitmachine, the Archim. The Archim sports a 32 bit ARM M3 at 84Mhz, Texas Instruments DRV 8825 stepper motor drivers supporting 2.5 amp motors and 1/32 microstepping and NXP 60 volt MOSFETS on the four primary heater channels.

Detailed parts, config and deployment info at

The board uses a fork of Marlin4Due with the config specific to this build at

Build Docs for Roaddog Baja i3 Rework

Our original Baja i3 Rework kit is our legacy kit. We still sell it though recommend our latest design, the Roaddog Labs Bart. Build docs for the Roaddog Baja i3 Rework are at